"Sebastian Gerstengarbe: Meine Zeichnungen sind ein bißchen zerwohnt"
Vattenfall Europe Mining & Generation 2006
Mar 03 2007 – Apr 04 2007
From March 3 until April 4, 2007, Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf Frankfurt presents new works of Sebastian Gerstengarbe who is the laureate of the Art Award Energie, Vattenfall 2005.

The artistic means of expression of Sebastian Gerstengarbe is the drawing in which he elevates the trivial to the topic of the image. Situations, surrounding him in everyday life, are graphically examined and form the artist's motif permanently. Within his drawings the artist reflects his own living and working spaces, fast food restaurants or meals he has, petrol station shops in which he lingers. Through a particular arrangement of chosen objects he creates an individual microcosmic point of view of the world. Thus, Gerstengarbe expresses his enthusiasm for the diversity of the formal state of common things. Furthermore he singles out banal objects to "furnish" his drawings. The artist himself here speaks about "tyding up" the images in order to make his rooms "habitable". In that way he always reconsiders his compositions, removing trivialities or adding further things.

However, Gerstengarbe is not interested in an objective reproduction of objects. His drawings are rather characterised by the intention to avoid a realistic or naturalistic concreteness if possible. Persons can hardly be found in his drawings, too. However, the human being is not absent. Talking about his living circumstances, his work and even his meals, the presence of the artist remains noticeable. He does not draw empty, unoccupied spaces but describes his everyday surroundings through extremely precise details.

For further information, please contact the gallery at +49 69 4305 9427.