Sep 27 2008 – Nov 15 2008
Gallery Wilma Tolksdorf presents Yvonne Roeb`s new works in the exhibition Sub Rosa. The exhibition consists of a series of works, including sculptures, objects, and sketches.
The exhibition's title, Sub Rosa (Latin for "under the rose"), has the same meaning as the French expression "entre nous". In Roman mythology, the rose represents secrecy and implies that a conversation should remain confidential.
In her work, the artist uses motifs which link archetypal symbols with a deeply felt intimacy. All of the objects appear ambiguous and allude to ancient human beliefs, mythology, and superstition. The work Hybris is a sword made out of Damascus steel, a heroic cult object which has different associations and meanings. The proud sword evokes power and strength, and additionally, as a double-sided sword, always refers to duality. Each of the works shown is characterised by its own unique objectivity. This also applies to the work Monoceros. The pure white, detached rhinocerous horn is draped on a black, shining plinth, bringing to mind Jacob Böhme`s words in "De tribus principiis" (1619): "Without opposition nothing is revealed, no image appears in a clear mirror if one side is not darkened".
It is not only the motifs, but also the materials used in the works which make reference to the archaic. Clay, steel, leather, and wood have similarly retained their meaning and use since antiquity. These materials, however, only provide the raw materials for the art works.
For the final surface treatment, Yvonne Roeb uses modern materials such as paint on ceramics and foil, in place of sketches. This process creates the work´s multi-layeredness. The archaic is covered and concealed, contaminated or refined. Further layers of meaning can be found in the constant fluctuation between reality and fiction. The works can thus be understood as symbols, everyday objects, and also memory images.
Through this play of reality and legends, Yvonne Roeb lends her objects not only a mysteriousness but also an irony. One work appears to carry the next work within it, or to continue and deepen the thoughts found in the preceding one.

Yvonne Roeb was born in 1976 Frankfurt am Main. The artist lives and works in Berlin.
 schwertvitrineprominent_www.jpg YVONNE ROEB 2008-09-27 - 2008-11-15