Sep 04 2010 – Oct 30 2010
Jörg Sasse
Tableaus and Lost Memories
Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf Frankfurt/ Main 2010

Gallery Wilma Tolksdorf presents recent works from 2010 of Jörg Sasse´s since 1993 ongoing Tableaus. Additionally, the series Lost Memories will be presented, with which the artist has been pursuing a new artistic approach since 2009.

Between the realism of the Tableaus and the abstraction of Lost Memories, a tension is created that is also visible in every single one of Sasse´s works: organic stand in relation to rhythmical structures, the proposition of space is dissolved into surfaces and vice versa, or a realistic representation is overlaid by an "All-Over". This kind of layering and entanglement is part of Sasse´s working process, with which he seduces into his imagery. Seldom is the tension broken - even when it presents itself as easy to see through at first. As for example in the work Tableau "1499, 2010" an airplane appears sideways frozen in the photograph, but at a second glance shifts from its actual course: movement - standstill - form - surface.

Jörg Sasse sustains single images, where the subjects are assigned to classic categories because of their realism. But the artist breaks exactly this location in a masterly form over and over again.
 iv_1web.jpg JÖRG SASSE 2010-09-04 - 2010-10-30
iv_1web.jpg1499, 20104542, 2010 6789, 2010 3570, 20107043, 2010LM-04-10, 2010LM-10-03, 2010LM-10-02, 2010LM-10-01, 2010