Dec 04 2012 – Feb 23 2013
Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf is delighted to present works by Jörg Sasse from the series "Still Lifes" and "Tableaux".

Whether curtains, stairways, radiators, reflections in windows or unique lighting conditions - with an eye for detail Jörg Sasse reveals fragments of our everyday environment. Since the 1980s the artist has photographed seemingly plain everyday objects in private homes, public buildings and shop windows, unimpressive at first glance. Through unusual perspectives and detail, he transfers the preexisting composition into images with a distinct aesthetic quality. The transformation of a rather "simple" objects into a picture-worthy image as well as its form, shift the contextual meaning of the individual picture and their relation to each other.

For the current exhibition 38 Still Lifes from 1984 to 2012 are arranged and presented in four blocks. Through the use of databases the artist categorizes his works, thus being able to examine similarities and differences in order to subsequently compare various constellations to one another. The interaction of materials, shapes and colors reveal interrelations that any viewer can discover and formulate for themselves.

Apart from the Still Lifes, works from the continuously developed series of Tableaux are on view. Since the early 1990s Jörg Sasse has worked with computer-manipulated photographs, which are mostly based on found and archived footage by amateur photographers. These archived images serve as starting points, which are transformed into works whose origin is often no longer recognizable. With the endless possibilities of digital imaging, the artist applies the realism of photographic imaging to create independent pictures. Sometimes it seems familiar and picturesque; sometimes it creates associations in the history of art, but ultimately remains an autonomous work in suspense of presence and elusiveness.

As a former master student of Bernd Becher, Jörg Sasse (born in 1962) plays an important role in contemporary art. His works have been exhibited internationally and are part of world famous art collections, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Banco Espirito Santo Photography Collection, Lisbon, MUMOK, Vienna, Kunsthalle Zurich and Winterthur Photo Museum. Works from his series of Still Lifes were recently presented in a solo exhibition at C/O Berlin.
Installation View iv_1-1.jpg JÖRG SASSE 
 2012-12-04 - 2013-02-23
Installation View

Installation ViewInstallation ViewInstallation View4618, 20118725, 20124438, 20122075, 2003Installation ViewInstallation ViewInstallation ViewInstallation ViewP-91-06-02, Gießen 1991P-10-02-01, Berlin 2010P-09-04-01, Berlin 2009S-11-11-08, Aix-en-Provence 2011W-91-09-02, Ulm 1991W-93-04-04, Düsseldorf 1993P-11-12-01, Berlin 2011W-12-05-02, Berlin 2012P-10-08-01, Zürich 2010S-11-11-14, Aix-en-Provence 2011