Mar 26 2011 – May 14 2011
Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf presents new works of Silke Wagner. She has participated in important group shows such as "German Open" (Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, 1998), "Arbeit Essen Angst / Work Eat Fear" (Kokerei Zollverein, Essen, 2001), "Das große Rasenstück" (Nuremberg, 2006), "skulptur projekte münster 07" (2007), "Playing the City" (Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, 2009) as well as EMSCHERKUNST, RUHR.2010 (Exhibition in public space, European Capital of Culture). Her works were shown in several solo exhibitions, e.g. in "COVER WORKS (New Works)" (Oldenburger Kunstverein, 2010) and "When Saturdays Come" (Kunstverein in Hamburg, 2010).

An intense research viewed from a historical, political and cultural anthropological perspective precedes the works of Silke Wagner. The results of such investigations find their way into artistic forms. Wagner often realizes site-specific projects, which challenge the constraints of freedom and democracy in today's society. As in her project "The History of Münster From Below" realized within the framework of "skulptur projekte münster 07" she questions the public space as a place for reflection on our own history and presence using the example of Paul Wulf.

Works shown at Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf were recently presented in the artist's solo show "COVER WORKS (New Works" in Oldenburger Kunstverein and were published in a correspondent catalogue. These works have a different focal point. Silke Wagner has chosen artworks of eleven 20th century female artists and converted them into new forms. Such an aesthetical dialog can be understood as homage to the great female protagonists of the art history. By "covering" works of Eva Hesse, Meret Oppenheim, Georgia O'Keeffe, Barbara Hepworth, Sonia Delaunay a.o., she reactivates their artistic positions and at the same time she emphasizes their pioneering role within the artistic discourse.

The conceptual strategy of adoption also questions the originality and authenticity of artworks in general. Wagner's work "Elaine Sturtevant", 2010 strongly relates to this idea. This work reinterprets the work "Duchamp Wanted", 1969 by Sturtevant who has turned a wanted poster created by Duchamp to one of her own person. Wagner continues that appropriation by replacing her portrait and her name on the poster.

As in the field of music the term "covering" in this context does not mean a deprivation of intellectual property. Moreover this tactic is understood as a transformation of ideas into new context and the artworks of Wagner advocate democratic and free dialog with the original.
Installation View ansicht-ii.jpg SILKE WAGNER 2011-03-26 - 2011-05-14
Installation View

Installation ViewInstallation ViewInstallation ViewSister Corita Kent, 2010Barbara Hepworth, 2010Eva Hesse, 2010Meret Oppenheim, 2010Sonia Delaunay, 2010Elaine Sturtevant, 2010Goldmann, 2009